Why choose USEU Host?

Why Choose USEU Host

Our web hosting service includes a variety of features and utilities to assist our webmasters succeed in their business.

USEU Host not only a regular web hosting provider. We work toward our customer to care for their website's speed and uptime. We choose the software, types of hardware, and network upstream that are the best in the industry. In addition, our customer can enjoy our 30-day money back guarantee policy to get back their money if they are not happy with our service.



99.9% uptime

We have 99.9% uptime guarantee to all websites hosted on our network. This is the real uptime, not the SLA uptime that you are usually told by other web hosts. Network uptimes are 100% for years!

Safety and privacy

Our web hosting service has multiple layer of security protection. At the network level, advanced DDoS is implimented. At the web servers, we install industry's top software and have automated security updates. At application level, we filter out suspicous activities.

Flexible billing

We provide multiple billing choices for our customers, from monthly to triennially. We understand that new customers may find it risky to pay upfront for a too long period. These customers can choose monthly billing cycle to ease their mind.

We include the perks

You can host multiple domain in your hosting account. There are different utilities you can see after logging into the control panel. However, a general advice for security reason is to host 1 domain per hosting account.

Total reliability

At USEU host, performance stability is one of the most important criteria that we care for. We have automated performance monitoring system to fix problems as soon as they appear.

We own all of our equipment

USEU host has complete control about how we operate our business since we own our server hardware and network facilities. Our automated monitoring agents continuously monitor and identify abusive neighbors and send them to /dev/null

30 day money back guarantee

Within 30 days of registration, we send full refund to any new customer if they are not happy with our service. There is no risk at all when you decide to try our service.

Fully scalable

We have multiple hosting plans, allow you to grow your websites from a brand new to a enterprise business. Depending on how much you grow, you can always choose a suitable web hosting plan for you needs.

Friendly in-house support

Not like a regular hosting company, we have a nice work culture. In return, we also request all communication with our staffs should be friendly and clear.

The best tools available

Our control panel has a variety of tools for easy website management. You can add domains, free SSL, view website statistics, cron job, multiple PHP, file manager, etc.

Less websites per server

When it come down to the performance, we at USEU host guarantee that our servers are very lightly loaded. In addition, our system is configured to auto detect abusive activities and have appropriate action.

Rated the fastest web host

One of the important factors for online business is that the website should load fast in all locations in the world, so that potential customers have no problem assessing your website. We have load time monitoring, too. If load time is lower than expected, we will be notified and fix the problem.